• Is an amino acid that is derived from another amino acid, Lysine and sometimes Methionine through methylation. It is considered a conditional essential nutrient, as we can make it- but vegans sometimes have issues with having enough carnitine which some of it does need to be obtained through diet. It is found in highest concentrations in heart and skeletal muscle. Carnitine is utilized in the mitochondria (power house of the cell) to help produce energy by transporting fatty acids to be broken down into energy.
  • Vitamin C plays a vital role in the production of carnitine and deficiency can cause a decrease in the amount of carnitine in your body.
  • The results are mixed on if it aids in weight loss by decreasing your weight- but it can help increase your energy which will help you work out longer and more effectively to lose the weight.
  • It has been shown to help with brain function and protect your brain cells.
  • It has been shown to help with exercise, but the results are not as instant as caffeine or creatine and it might take a couple weeks to build up your levels prior to noticing benefits. There is some research showing it can help Diabetics with their blood sugar levels by helping your body utilize carbohydrates.

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